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Posted 2006-12-23 18:40:33
10/18/2006: "La meilleur selection de Malice Mizer Best Selection" was released to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their major debut

-moi dix mois-
Posted 2006-10-07 21:39:22
10/4/2006: Moi dix Mois released the single "Lamentful Miss", c/w new versions of "forbidden" and "Perish".
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-schwarz stein-
Posted 2006-10-07 21:37:52
9/2006: Hora's third album "PROMINENCE" (limited to 500 copies) released. Copies are still available for direct order from Hora's official site.
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Posted 2006-09-10 13:14:06
08/23/2006: Gackt's "The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006" Red and Blue DVDs released.
09/06/2006: Kaya's second solo single, "Masquerade" released.

Posted 2006-08-15 07:56:24
Gackt and Yoshiki (ex-X JAPAN) have announced that they will start a new band project together in 2007, which will tour in the United States.
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