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Real name:unknown
Date of birth:8/8/1971
Blood type:A
Band history:Ze:ro?? - 1992
Malice Mizer8/1992 - 12/2001

ZE:RO (Yu~ki, far left)
Yu~ki was the bassist of Malice Mizer from its inception in 1992 to the "indefinite hiatus" in 2001. After his previous band Ze:ro disbanded in 1992, he was approached by Mana and Közi to be their new bassist; after listening to a demo tape of their music, he agreed, and the core of Malice Mizer was formed. In the band's early days, he often took an active role in Malice Mizer's stage construction. Thematically, Yu~ki had a strong affinity to the image of the vampire count, the aristocrat, and the bat; his signature colors were yellow and orange. In Malice Mizer's silent film "bara no konrei", an adaptation of the Dracula story, he played the Earl of Dracula. Musically, Yu~ki's role appears to have been mainly as a performer rather than a composer; his sole credits are the composition of "Syunikiss" on the "merveilles" album, and the programming of the hidden track "bara no souretsu" on "Beast of Blood". Additionally, he wrote the lyrics to Közi's single "Memento" in 2004.

Alone among the Malice Mizer alumni, Yu~ki has not announced any concrete plans to return to music; his only public appearance since the disbandment was at a one-time "revival" at the "Deep Sanctuary II" event in 2010. He appears to have maintained ties to Klaha and Közi for some time, having appeared in their fanclub magazines once each. In Klaha's FC interview, and again in 2011, Yu~ki describes having nebulous intentions to return at some unspecified point, however it is not at all certain when that will come to pass. Yu~ki did at one point borrow some musical gear from Mana, but nothing ever came of it, to our knowledge. From the few hints revealed over the years, it seems Yu~ki gradually fell into a dispirited and demoralized state.
The story does not end there, however; with the moral and organizational support of guitarist-impresario Mana, Yu~ki was able to regroup and start a new venture. In December 2011, he announced the launch of a handcrafted jewelry line, Mother of Life, which he sells via Midi:Nette's online store. Each item is a one-of-a-kind piece handmade by Yu~ki himself; the style centers around semiprecious stones and wrapped wire. For the present, Yu~ki's activities appear to be centered on the Mother of Life line, but we have his renewed assurances that his extended absence from music is not a permanent one.