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Sans Retour Voyage "derniere" DVD/VHS Interviews
Translated by Kurai

Közi Interview
My first encounter with Mana holds a big place in my life. Really, that guy, ever since I met him I've felt he had a strange air to him, something different from normal people.. it was a strong feeling. Before we talked about music, the band, and other such things, we would often talk about what became the thematic centerpiece of Malice Mizer, "what is human?" [[ningen to wa?]]. From there we gradually built up to wondering if we couldn't form a band together. I had never talked about such things before I met Mana, so in that sense too, my meeting him was very important. With everything, at that time I felt that we didn't fit into the frame of any bands before, that we had a very new approach. We fumbled our way through the unknown a bit, but over time we found our own place and piece by piece we claimed our style. In that sense, we tied it all together in this Shibuya Indies Last Live. We made the stage as if it were a scene from a movie; we decided to show the audience something that would defy their notions of what a band should be. We had that desire from the beginning, so we talked long and worked hard to complete it. And of course we will have that attitude from here out as well, and if we can continue with more and more things that defy everyone's expectations, that will be good.

Yu~ki Interview
To speak about my enjoyable experiences during our indies days... Touring had the deepest impression on me.. meeting different people in different place, eating lots of different kinds of foods, delicious foods.. actually, in those indies days, we had to drive ourselves everywhere, and there were a lot of horrible experiences, but even so I don't look back on it painfully; it was fun, it gave us a sort of empowerment. The size of the venues and stages we played at were actually quite small, but within that limited area we were able to arrange and decorate it however we liked, it was really fun. And also, of course, we were always looking forwards, not ever being content with what we had done. We weren't trapped or bound by the usual confines of music and always strove to make the next show better, improving our own world. I think it truly is because of that era that we are the people we are today, never being satisfied with the moment, always trying to move forward... that's how we want to be in the future, too.

Yu~ki and Közi Interview
At the indies last live, my deepest memory is of the huge stage set we had, and the way we were able to express our world through it remains foremost in my heart. Of all the many performances we had done, the opening vampire scene that we did night is particularly dear to me. I think it was a wonderful show.

I felt that we had, for the first time since our beginnings, finally been able to realize the true expression of Malice Mizer at this show, and that we had a stage setup we all really liked. We arrived at this final show by fumbling, groping, and experimenting through our previous performances and staging, but bit by bit our ideas were realized, culminating here.. I will be happy if everyone can feel that in this video.

Mana Interview
The fusion of sound and visuals...
A story that expands before your eyes...
Your sense of hearing and your sense of sight...
The atmosphere your body absorbs from being at a concert...
Our concept of the meshing of Malice and Misery...
From these things we had progressed, learning as we went,
and culminating in this Shibuya Koukaidou Last Indies Live.
In those days, we couldn't perform our shows in small venues. [[jpn: live houses]]
We used a large scale production and set,
laid out according to our story.
The lighting and sound was finally being realized as we had desired.
This live was the summation of all our efforts.
At that time, I believe we all really learned the meaning,
of what this group called "Malice Mizer" really is.
Looking back on the Indies Last Live...
Beauty and Sadness...
The depths of love and desire...
All feelings mixed together, in an illusionary atmosphere...
These are the origins of our avant-garde concert,
in which we exceeded the notions of what a band could be.