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Malice Mizer 99 Questions, Vicious 8/01
Translated by Kurai
[[note: this is a really zany interview, with answers to questions (especially from mana, who acted like a kid and only sanely answered questions he liked) that are off-the-wall, silly, and often quite "japanese". to help combat that, in addition to my usual translators notes I have included relevant links to things only a native japanese would now, such as what "Roller Through Go-Go" is or who Kyoko Kishida is. It should help you understand the world of MM even better! Since they often use parantheses, my personal notes are in [[ ]] brackets. Enjoy!]]

1. If you were to do an image change, what would it be? (hairstyle, fashion, etc..)

Klaha: I'll think about that when I decide to do an image change
Mana: Elegant Mohawk
Közi: Conservative Rastafarian
Yu~ki: Skinhead, Bondage, something from both

2. If you had to pick between having a kinked perm or dreadlocks, which would you choose?

Klaha: Skinhead
Mana: Crazy Mohawk
Közi: Electrocution
Yu~ki: Dreadlocks

3. Where is your make-up charm point?

Klaha: The start of my eyebrows
Mana: My plump lips
Közi: The way the white of my eyes turn red
Yu~ki: The total balance of theme and costume

4. On average, how much time do you take for your make-up before a photo shoot? What part takes the most time?

Klaha: About an hour, on the initial stages
Mana: Plenty of time on my plump lips
Közi: I use 8 bottles of Yves Saint (red). Taking breaks
Yu~ki: An hour, my eyes

5. What are your favorite make-up brands?

Klaha: I don't have one
Mana: Mitsuyoshi, Shiseidou, etc..
Közi: Kibun
Yu~ki: MAKE UP FOR EVER, Shu uemura, MAC etc...

6. Is there anything you do to keep your pale complexion?

Klaha: Make-up
Mana: Vacuum packets
Közi: Bleach
Yu~ki: Avoid the sunlight

7. Do you have any people you regard as "make-up friends"?

Klaha: Malice Mizer
Mana: Moi~meme~moitie
Közi: Death Make-up Master Orozco
Yu~ki: Everyone who loves make-up

8. Have you ever been to a beauty salon? To those who have been, what did you do? To those who haven't, what would you want to have done?

Klaha: I haven't been. Skin pore cleansing.
Mana: I haven't. Bone massage.
Közi: I haven't. I want them to work me till missiles come out of my joints.
Yu~ki: I haven't. A face massage.

9. Please tell us about any diets you are doing, or diets you recommend.

Klaha: I forbid diets
Mana: Spice diet
Közi: I want you to tell me
Yu~ki: Limit your food and exercise

10. Have you ever had your body fat percentage measured? If you have, what is it?

Klaha: 6-13%
Mana: I have not
Közi: I haven't
Yu~ki: I haven't

11. What are your personal clothes like? What color do you have mostly?

Klaha: White, Black, Grey
Mana: Dressed like an elegant vampire I wear the darkness
Közi: Solid State Survivor
Yu~ki: From suits to casual (black, brown)

12. What is the ratio of male to female clothing you have?

Klaha: Male 7, Women 3
Mana: Mowateii
Közi: I have children's clothes
Yu~ki: 7:3

13. What color underwear do you most own?

Klaha: Black
Mana: naughty, naughty..
Közi: Black of course!
Yu~ki: Black

14. Please tell us the condition of your room?

Klaha: The floor glitters and the windows sparkle
Mana: Like the Parthenon, there is a holy space, and like a vampire's haunt it is dark and mysterious (and there is a video game center)
Közi: In chaos
Yu~ki: Everything coexists naturally and freely

15. Which would be more frightening, seeing a mouse in your room or a cockroach?

Klaha: I hope nothing shows up
Mana: Both would make me shriek. But the flying cockroaches are really gross
Közi: hcaorkcoC
Yu~ki: Cockroach

16. Does your trash get neatly separated?

Klaha: Naturally
Mana: Slowly but surely
Közi: Probably
Yu~ki: Yes

17. Do you like moving? How many times have you moved before?

Klaha: I like it. As many as 10 times
Mana: Its a problem, with luggage and all
Közi: It sucks. Countless times
Yu~ki: I hate it. 8 times

18. It's the rainy season, but do you take any preventive measures against mildew and leakage in your room?

Klaha: Ventilation and air-dryers
Mana: I'm near the clouds so I let the wind dry it out
Közi: I don't have anything like that
Yu~ki: I don't really care

19. What is your bath like?

Klaha: Nothing particularly out-of-the-ordinary about it
Mana: It's a red, erotic Turkish bath XX (double x!)
Közi: There's a waterfall
Yu~ki: All my small items are yellow

20. When you wash your body where do you start from? Do you use soap, or body shampoo?

Klaha: The head
Mana: From my hair. I use fruity body soap
Közi: Left hand, middle finger, second joint
Yu~ki: Neck, I use a slightly acidic body soap

21. What is the color and shape of your wallet?

Klaha: Strong brown, square
Mana: Black death metal
Közi: The color is like an iridescent insect. It has grown six legs
Yu~ki: Gold chained, grey, made of alligator leather embossing

22. What is a lot of money to you?

Klaha: Enough to fund the national army for a year
Mana: 549 Francs
Közi: 666 yen
Yu~ki: Anything with seven zeros

23. Have you ever won the lottery?

Klaha: Three times I won three million yen
Mana: 300 yen in the Dream Jumbo
Közi: A t-shirt of Arare-chan
Yu~ki: I have

24. What big shopping have you done lately?

Klaha: None
Mana: Getting your heart!
Közi: Dreams
Yu~ki: 90x180 wide mirror

25. What little shopping have you done lately?

Klaha: new cell phone
Mana: Getting your ____!
Közi: hopes
Yu~ki: Tyrolean Chocolate

26. Do you diligently write responses to fan letters? Do you combine a bunch of letters into one response?

Klaha: Unfortunately I cannot write them. But I hold them all dear to me
Mana: I diligently read them
Közi: I don't write responses but I read everyone's letters
Yu~ki: I want to write them

27. Do you have a favorite author?

Klaha: Minako Sensei
Mana: I wonder who?
Közi: Alehandro Hodoruski
Yu~ki: Stoker, Bram

28. Do you have any foriegn artists you like?

Klaha: ...
Mana: Dalle da Rous (dare . da . rou)
Közi: Holly Warburton
Yu~ki: G'erard Gi-Macclo

29. Do you have a favorite vehicle, and for what reason?

Klaha: The band car. Because its exciting as we all go!
Mana: Roller Through Go-Go, because its tight turning radius
[[its a scooter for kids, lol]]
Közi: Anything fast. Thrills == good!
Yu~ki: Taxi. I can meet new people

30. Conversely, do you have any hated vehicles, and for what reason?

Klaha: Trains, because they are crowded
Mana: Surfing, because there are sharks
Közi: Anything slow. Boredom == bad
Yu~ki: Trains. Too many people

31. Has there been any news and events you've been concerned about lately?

Klaha: The movement of the stock market
Mana: Pepsi challenge
Közi: there's nothing
Yu~ki: Whose number will come up today?

32. Have you read any books lately that have left something in your heart?

Klaha: The instruction manual to my cell phone
Mana: Katakana Dictionary, there seems to be more and more katakana in the media lately
Közi: "itsudemo aeru"
Yu~ki: Guardian Angel Divination

33. Have you cried lately? For what reason?

Klaha: I don't cry
Mana: Memowies... *sob*
Közi: Men don't show their tears
Yu~ki: Yes, movies

34. If a girl was to profess her love to you, what kind of situation would you like it to be?

Klaha: During a show
Mana: By the beach, and I ____ you. Ah, 'lovely night'
Közi: In my secret room
Yu~ki: As long as its not during the daytime

35. On your first meeting with a girl, what do you most make a point of checking?

Klaha: Her way of speaking
Mana: If she has an aura like she just came out of a shoujo manga
Közi: eyes
Yu~ki: color

36. Married Woman, New Wife, or Widow. Which of these words has the most charm to you?

Klaha: Inazuma [[lightning. all these words have "tsuma", or wife, in them, and coincidentally, lightning also has the character for wife in it. little play on words]]
Mana: It makes me think of our illusionary song "Miboujin no Yuuwaku" [[temptation of widow, track one from their first demo sans logique]]
Közi: Miboujin no Yuuwaku
Yu~ki: Miboujin

37. Someone you are dating starts seeing an old lover. What do you do?

Klaha: "Do as you like"
Mana: Even though I scream out to the ocean my love will not reach her...
Közi: "What will be will be"
Yu~ki: "Be happy"

38. Would you want a woman's legs from her skirt to be bare or in fishnets?

Klaha: Showing her legs.. that's scary
Mana: knee socks
Közi: Sexy fishnets
Yu~ki: Depends on the skirt

39. What would you want your date to wear on a night out?

Klaha: Something that matches that person
Mana: Something sweet, unreal, pretty, like a sweet fruit that just came out of a shoujo manga
Közi: blast corps gear
Yu~ki: Something that fits where we are going

40. If you were going to request her hand in marriage, what would you say?

Klaha: "I request your hand in marriage!"
Mana: Welcome to a world of eternity and also prohibition...
Közi: Wanna make a monopoly with me?
Yu~ki: I wouldn't

41. Do you believe in the red string of fate?

Klaha: Is it red? Is it a string?
Mana: If its the red blood of fate, I believe in it
Közi: I believe in the yellow handkerchief of happiness
Yu~ki: Yes

42. Do you want to get married? If you do, when do you want to?

Klaha: I don't really have the desire to
Mana: I leave myself up to the flow of time...
Közi: I do, I don't
Yu~ki: No

43. If you were to give yourself a nickname what would it be?

Klaha: Kuraha kun --> Kuraakun --> Kuraku [[Clark]]
Mana: Austin Martin V8
Közi: Namanie [["half-baked"]]
Yu~ki: What am I searching for?

44. What do you want to be called by your fans?

Klaha: Call me what you like
Mana: Elegant Mantarou
Közi: Kouji sama
Yu~ki: What people call me now is fine

45. Are there any famous people you've been said to resemble?

Klaha: Not really
Mana: Butterfly Woman
Közi: Egashira 2:50, as I'm doing my makeup

46. Are there any special imitations you can do?

Klaha: Közi-kun
Mana: I can do Noraemon "Yes, I'm a dragonfly"
Közi: Kyoko Kishida. "The seven blessings of this child..."
[[actress: http://www.so-net.ne.jp/storygate/creators/kishida.php]]
Yu~ki: Grandma and Grandpa

47. What are part of doing shows that you really like?

Klaha: the sense of tension
Mana: the passion like a rose, the illusionary world like a dream
Közi: the time when we dissolve into each other and become one
Yu~ki: the feeling of being with all the fans

48. Are there any big differences between the normal you and the you at your shows?

Klaha: the wrinkles on my forehead
Mana: Both carry that feeling of "who, who are you?"
Közi: the whiteness of my face
Yu~ki: Its like being at an athletic meet

49. Is there any scenery you really like, in our out of the country?

Klaha: Hokkaidou in the middle of summer (the starry night sky)
Mana: the France city in Hiroshima prefecture
Közi: I can see it if I close my eyes
Yu~ki: the Carpathian mountains

50. If you were a cameraman, who would you make in Malice Mizer a model, and what kind of pictures would you take?

Klaha: Count Yuki, on a "Monroe Walk" [[a type of photoshoot]]
Mana: take the three of them and hang them upside down
Közi: Yuki-chan. In T-back underwear, sucking his thumb in a sexy pose
Yu~ki: A scene of Klaha-kun taking a bath

51. In what situation would you like your own pictures to be taken?

Klaha: Under the Aurora Borealis
Mana: with an eyepatch, doing this and that
Közi: as a prisoner
Yu~ki: surrounded by a bunch of beautiful pale women

52. If you were to appear as a regular on a TV show, what show would you want it to be?

Klaha: "Tetsuko no Heya" [[tetsuko's room]]
Mana: welcome to a journey of spice and extremity: CURRY
Közi: "Sekai no Shasou Kara"
[["see the world by train"]]
Yu~ki: Pursuit! Chasing the world's largest animals

53. What is the front screen of your cell phone like?

Klaha: the date and time
Mana: Dozaemon
Közi: a scary giant girl
Yu~ki: date, day of the week, time

54. Do you email other people with your cell phone, and who?

Klaha: My friends
Mana: I don't understand how to use it
Közi: Talking is quicker
Yu~ki: No

55. What is the face plate of your cell phone like?

Klaha: black and silver
Mana: dark romance
Közi: the color of akauzu-kun [[his guitar's name]]
Yu~ki: silver

56. Do you have an interest in web sites where you meet new people? Do you think you would ever send an email as a test? Have you ever sent one?

Klaha: I have absolutely no interest in that
Mana: Strangers are scary, scary, scarryyy...
Közi: I never have
Yu~ki: No

57. If you broke up with your girlfriend would you quickly erase her phone number? Or would you leave it there forever?

Klaha: Depends on the situation
Mana: love is but a fleeting twinkle, feelings are eternal memories
Közi: 50/50
Yu~ki: I would leave it

58. If you had a holiday for a week, where would you go to?

Klaha: a quiet onsen[[hot springs]] town
Mana: the forest of slumber
Közi: a deserted island
Yu~ki: Europe

59. The Great Buddha of Todai Temple or the Yumedono at Horyu Temple. Which would you rather see?

Klaha: I have seen both
Mana: the mirror sounds out, time is money
Közi: the great southern gates of burning flesh
Yu~ki: the yumeden at horyu temple
[[a national treasure: http://www.kiis.or.jp/rekishi/asuka/img0012-e.php]]

60. Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Ikebukuro. Which of these areas do you like? Why?

Klaha: Since they're busy and noisy I hate them all
Mana: I like towns
Közi: Tabata
Yu~ki: Ikebukuro. I like the narrow, closed-off feel it has

61. Do you catch colds easily? What kind of symptoms do you get?

Klaha: I don't catch them much. It depends on the virus going around
Mana: If people catch them --> DEATH
Közi: I don't. I'm a healthy boy
Yu~ki: No. It depends on the virus going around at the time

62. Do you sweat? Do you use anti-perspirant spray? If yes, what brand do you use?

Klaha: I don't sweat
Mana: I shed tears --> DEATH
Közi: I sweat on my cool face
Yu~ki: Yes

63. Are there any accessories which you always have on you? What are they?

Klaha: Not really
Mana: my crumpled up rubber hair band
Közi: earrings, elaborate necklace
Yu~ki: rings, sunglasses

64. Do you have any words which you incorrectly learned and always made a mistake of?

Klaha: "toumorokoshi" [[corn]]
Mana: Oo baby, my kiss mine
Közi: Tekkon Kinkuriito [[this should be tekkou konkuriito; meaning iron concrete]]
Yu~ki: I thought tsuyudaku was shirudaku [[oook.. tsuyudaku refers to the hot rainy summer season gushing down.. now tsuyu literally translates "plum rain".. shirudaku is something akin to 'gushing fruit juice'. (shiru means fruit). He thought that Tsuyu was actual PLUM juice rain]]

65. Has there been anything mysterious that you've been wondering about lately?

Klaha: everyday I've been craving sour things
Mana: Moja Moja Peter [[a famous child's picture book]]
Közi: thinking about that question
Yu~ki: the endless cycle of reincarnation

66. Are there any songs that you remember as summer comes?

Klaha: "Natsu no Ojousan" [["the daughter of summer"]]
Mana: The workers with flowers in their bamboo hats singing "essassaasaa"
Közi: "Futari no Ai rando" [[the island of our love; by CHAGE]]
Yu~ki: "Saikai no Chi to Bara"

67. If you could do a show for as long as you wanted, how long would it be?

Klaha: For two hours...
Mana: the audience would be confined
Közi: A loonnnngggggg time
Yu~ki: 8 hours, 8 minutes

68. Is there a place you'd like to do a show at once?

Klaha: on the ocean
Mana: Mowamen
Közi: on the clouds
Yu~ki: a church

69. Is there anything you reference when you compose songs?

Klaha: daydreams
Mana: the distant howl of a wolf, the sudden rustle of a bat
Közi: pictures
Yu~ki: memories of the past

70. When did you compose your first song, and what was the title?

Klaha: in high school. it was untitled
Mana: When I was a mohawk punk. "Sensou Hantai" [["anti-war"]]
Közi: When I was in 5th grade. It was our class song
Yu~ki: Kindergarden. I wanna live in a chocolate house...

71. What kind of music do you listen to at home?

Klaha: I don't listen to much
Közi: the harmonies of the nyan nyan chorus group
Yu~ki: music from movies

72. What Malice Mizer song do you have a lot of memories of, and why?

Klaha: The first song I sang for, "mayonaka ni kawashita yakusoku"
Mana: "miboujin no yuuwaku" the first malice mizer song
Közi: "unmei no deai" Kami's song
Yu~ki: "miboujin no yuuwaku" it was the first song on the demo tape they handed to me

73. Are there any songs outside of Malice Mizer that you have a lot of memories of, and why?

Klaha: ?
Mana: "Shoujo Ningyou" It enchants me with its Alice In Wonderland atmosphere
Közi: Manjuu Kowai [["manjuu are scary" wtf]]
Yu~ki: "Hotaru no Hikari" because it is a sad song [[light of the firefly]]

74. Are there any Japanese bands or musicians that you've been interested in recently?

Klaha: Not really
Mana: the members of Dalle da Rous (dare.da.rou)
Közi: the people of Malice Mizer
Yu~ki: the members of Malice Mizer

75. Please express your current feelings with a song.

Klaha: Aaato Naanmon desu ka~ [[aaaa what comes next]]
Mana: An An An An tottemo ufaahaan noraemon~ [[an an an you're so.. ufhan.. noraemon!]]
Közi: ningen nante raraaraa rarararaaraa [[oh humans.. lalalalalala]]
Yu~ki: oo~oo~ki na noppo no kotokei [[bi, bi, big noppo's old clock]]

76. Whose show do you want to go see?

Klaha: None really
Mana: dare.da.rou
Közi: Rob Zombie
Yu~ki: a nonmusical play

77. Is there anything outside of music that you are really devoted to?

Klaha: manual labor
Mana: cleaning up the park
Közi: cleaning
Yu~ki: discovering "what is human?"

78. Is there anything you want to learn to do now, or something that you wish you had learned to do a long time ago?

Klaha: To try piano once more
Mana: be a board game designer
Közi: spirit photography
Yu~ki: kung-fu

79. When your girlfriend or friend is depressed, how do you comfort them?

Klaha: I earnestly listen to them
Mana: Stroke them gently
Közi: Smiling I sing "chick chickory chick chickory"
Yu~ki: depends on the person

80. Are there any magazines you buy every week (or every month)?

Klaha: "Gekkan CAT" [[Monthly CAT]]
Mana: only "Onajimi Fami" [[Famicom Friend.. http://www.famitsu.com/]]
Közi: Young Magazine [[http://www.yanmaga.kodansha.co.jp/]]
Yu~ki: Fashion magazines

81. If you were to get so angry that you snapped, what would happen?

Klaha: I would quickly regain my composure
Mana: I would dance around hitting people
Közi: I would do the Cossack Dance with smoke rising out of my head
Yu~ki: the seal would be broken and something terrible would happen

82. Would you rather have a koi or a goldfish, and why?

Klaha: A koi, because I've never had one.
Mana: love me love me make me fly
Közi: Either is fine.
Yu~ki: Koi, it looks delicious

83. Which behavior would you permit: a strangely precocious child or a exceptionally noisy one?

Klaha: Both. They're just kids after all.
Mana: Erotic Voodoo
Közi: the precocious brat
Yu~ki: the precocious child

84. If you had to bungee jump or skydive, which would you do?

Klaha: Skydive
Mana: I would fly like a bird to you
Közi: I'd do both with full-enthusiasm
Yu~ki: Skydiving

85. If you had to use 100,000 yen in a day, how would you use it?

Klaha: I'd buy 100,000 yen worth of gold
Mana: spend it all on the lottery
Közi: Blow my nose with dollar bills
Yu~ki: I would purchase antique furniture

86. Is there anyone you'd like to interview? What would be the theme of the discussion?

Klaha: The owner of a Soba Restaurant near me. Why were you always in a hurry?
Mana: A member of dare.da.rou
Közi: Mamemame. What is ?
Yu~ki: A child who just learned to speak. About a little creature that looks like a human..

87. Please tell us about any mysterious experiences you've had.

Klaha: Warp.
Mana: I was at a television station and I suddenly felt that my hands and feet were bound
Közi: There's a picture of me taken at a certain place where I became Jiongu.
Yu~ki: I encountered a strange creature, covered with fur, with only one, huge black eye

88. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

Klaha: Atora, my cat
Mana: the sleeping beauty of the forest
Közi: Raven Commanding Officer
Yu~ki: a spiritualist

89. If you were asked directions by a foriegner, would you try and answer? Would you run away?

Klaha: I would normally answer
Mana: If its french, OK
Közi: I would of course answer, through body language
Yu~ki: I would answer

90. Do you like your cooked rice to be hard or soft?

Klaha: I like it hard
Mana: I like saffron rice that a spicy curry can melt into
Közi: Personally I like it hard
Yu~ki: If its box lunch, I like it soft

91. Please show us in writing how you sneeze.

Klaha: pekuchun
Mana: peppushu!
Közi: ha.. ha.. hakkuruberiifuin
Yu~ki: he,he,hekushon! Ahhh...

92. Is there anything that makes you think "What a weirdo!" about Klaha?

Klaha: Not at all
Mana: He only eats pudding
Közi: He someones comes near you with mincing little steps
Yu~ki: He knows random things about Sazae-san

93. Is there anything that makes you think "What a weirdo!" about Mana?

Klaha: He uses delicate japanese
Mana: I am not strange at all. My apologies. [[spoken in really formal, delicate japanese hehe]]
Közi: He occasionaly sings in a death metal voice.
Yu~ki: He has a phobia of other people

94. Is there anything that makes you think "What a weirdo!" about Kozi?

Klaha: He says the same words over and over
Mana: He only drinks tea
Közi: I sometimes get little cuts and scratches
Yu~ki: He can sing old anime songs so well its scary..

95. Is there anything that makes you think "What a weirdo!" about Yu~ki?

Klaha: When he diets he eats chocolate
Mana: He only eats chocolate
Közi: He sometimes talks with the voice of a pure little girl
Yu~ki: I'm always sweating

96. Please tell us of any secret dreams you've had.

Klaha: They are secret dreams, *secret*
Mana: I am emperor of the flower garden
Közi: No way.. hehehehehe...
Yu~ki: When I can make the dream turn out the way I want it to

97. What is Malice Mizer to you?

Klaha: My favorite band
Mana: Paradise of Illusions.. [[gensourakuen, the song from the bara no seidou concert]]
Közi: A public secret society
Yu~ki: akui to higeki

98. Please tell us briefly about your feelings for the front cover shoot you did.

Klaha: It's my first, so..
Mana: E-Kimochi [[more wordplay.. ii kimochi.. "it felt good; i liked it"]]
Közi: We're not a cheering party!
Yu~ki: I'm happy about it, as expected.

99. Please leave a message for Vicious and the readers.

Klaha: I offer up my heartfelt thanks and pure love to you.
Mana: Come get me!! (Mick Jagger style)
Közi: Feel free to tell us your opinions, thoughts, and complaints.
Yu~ki: Wouldn't you like to go on a voyage?