-moi dix mois-
-eve of destiny-
-schwarz stein-

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Disband Messages from Members
Translated by Kurai

After a long 2001, Malice Mizer is suspending their activities as a band. Though Malice Mizer has had a 9 year music career based upon their unique concepts, the four of them are all in consensus that they will now be temporarily stopping so the members can each develop their own, unfettered ideas. From here and onwards, we ask that you welcome and watch over each of their paths.

As a vocalist, I have only been officially with Malice Mizer for a year and some months, and though it was a short period, it is an irreplaceable and important time to me. The things I received from Malice Mizer are, as an artist, not only a place to perform music, but a chance to meet all sorts of people, from the fans who supported us to the staff members in the band. Mentally, they gave me ambition and perseverance, and I think they taught me a new way to overcome my difficulties.

I don't want to waste what I have learned from Malice Mizer and everyone, so I intend to find another place and continue singing.

To everyone who cheered us on, I truly thank you.

And from here and ever onwards, I pray that you will continue loving music, continue living, with pride in your hearts...


Without a path or clear idea of ourselves, we've come 9 years...they've been 9 frantic years. Without stopping or looking back, we were always searching for something new. With all the great emotion, shocks, pain, and joy we've shared with all our fans, we've crafted this unique world... Malice Mizer is something I think of with pride. I think each of the members will continue on with independent projects.


With each repeating melody we play, as we paint this spiral our shapes change.
~exploring our memory~


In these 9 years, we never looked back, only pressed on forward. Meetings and partings, moving moments, painful moments... there was all this and more, We were able continue the band without any hitches, but that is because of all the people who supported us. Creating music is the meaning of my life. Taking in all the feelings of those who loved Malice Mizer, I will be seeking something new and shocking, and I will continue creating music.