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Mana X IGA Castlevania Interview
Translated by Wandering Fox

IGA: I hear you are a fan of the [Dracula]* series. Thank you very much.

Mana: It is because the aesthetics of the world's appearance in [Dracula] are my favorite looking worlds. At that time, on the Famicom, there were not dark looking worlds, so this was a fresh sensation, wasn't it?

IGA: Even if the direction was to develop something, I wanted to create a game in the gothic scented style of the movie's [Dracula]. Mana-san**. Which is your favorite game in the series?

Mana: The one I play the most is the Super Famicom edition, I think. It was wonderful to play, wasn't it? Because I played from the Famicom version onward, the screen's enlargement and reduction and the screen scroller, among other things, wasn't there before now, but this is how it developed. Inside of me, the wonderful impression is deep, isn't it? After that was the 64 (Nintendo 64 version) wasn't there?

IGA: Yes.

Mana: Until then, because they had been side scrollers, the feeling until now was different. There was a fresh sensation, wasn't there?

IGA: But it is difficult, isn't it?

Mana: It was difficult.

IGA: You played a little of the latest [Castlevania] didn't you? ***

Mana: At the beginning, didn't a rather large character come out? At that, I thought "Ah, incredible!" I feel it always moves incredibly well.

IGA: It's because inside of Konami, people referred to as "Multi joint programmers" built this. Well, for a detailed person in a game, if Konami calls, the number of multi joints (laughs) begins to increase. The game target, a new system lately called "Spell fusion", has been brought in. You use this system and feel good. Again, the person who's really pushing on with things will come and do this for me. A loyal supporter uses this because it will make them able to clear the stage. These small abilities make it possible for a game that is too difficult to become simple. This was the intention. Also, a great amount of power went into the graphics.

Mana: The graphics are incredibly lovely. On this small screen to be able to do that, it is truly wonderful and enjoyable.

IGA: By the way, Mana-san, you took the image of Castlevania and you made a ring tone but, what is your image?

Mana: Well, while I guarded the aesthetics of the world appearance, it seems I will continue to be putting it out. **** Inside of me, of course, the pipe organ is an incredible image. So, I used that pipe organ, it is beautiful and sad, and this is the very origin of the world, I think. *****

IGA: A little sadness, right? Here, Mana-san, are you someone who likes the successive generations of the protagonist?

Mana: Yes, the current protagonist really is very deep and has strong feelings, don't you think?

IGA: It is Juste Belmont.

Mana: His ideas have a beautiful shape...

IGA: Yeah. In the whole succession, perhaps his have the most beautiful shape. (laughs)

Mana: That feeling will become a matter of great concern, won't it?


* - When IGA and Mana refer to Castlevania, they call it either Castlevania or Dracula. Dracula refers the game's original title, 悪魔城ドラキュラ(Evil Castle Dracula)

** - IGA refers to Mana as "Mana-san" as a formal thing. It's basically a respect thing, like saying "Mr. Mana." -san is a very common honorific.

*** - At this time the latest Castlevania game was Harmony of Dissonance. The creature they are talking about is the mammoth suit of armor which comes alive in front of the gate.

**** - This sentence is a little strange. The actual meaning is Mana saying that in order to preserve the original feeling of Castlevania's image, he will continue to stay true to the original feeling. It's not crucial, but I thought it was worth mentioning ^____^

***** - As a last note, because of this interview, it was rumored that Mana had helped compose the soundtrack of Harmony of Dissonance. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Mana composed a cell phone ring tone. I own the official OST and Mana is not mentioned in the booklet. Just clearing up the rumor.