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Aesthetics - 6/7/06
translated by Lede

2006 6 7 Barely Escaping Alive

Somehow or another, we've safely returned to Japan.

We were returning from Leipzig to Munchen in a propeller plane, when a terrifying thing happened: fuselage trouble!! (cold sweat)

Even with things like that happening, we safely made it home, and I wonder if all your prayers for me helped make it possible.

And then, the German Gothic Festival was amazing.
The hall was absolutely crowded to its limit with so many people, and it was wrapped in a dark, wild enthusiasm.

For the event organizer, it was their first tori [?] with Japanese people, and they said it was amazing, how the calls for Moi dix Mois echoed and resounded throughout the crowded hall. Outside of our plans, we did an encore, and it was an indescribable feeling, playing in this supreme Gothic Night.

And walking in broad daylight downtown, seeing a scene of people wearing pitch black, it was an amazing culture shock.
It's a scene I wish was more prominent in our home country, Japan.

Up next is our August live in Japan, and we're not going to give up on an overseas show.

Look forward to the next Madousho - there will be a detailed account of our journey.