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Aesthetics - 6/1/06
translated by Lede

2006 6 1 Setting Off
Well, then, we're heading off to Germany.
Please hope for our safety.
Since our performance is happening right around the time of the World Cup, I wonder if we'll be able to feel their enthusiasm.
Well, maybe the Gothic-type people aren't really connected with that?
But this Gothic Festival takes place over 4 days,
so I guess we'll feel the dark enthusiasm of all the people who seem to gather there.

Next, I've put up our schedule for the monthly lives,
so please check and look.
We should have 3 lives from August to the end of the year.
I plan to be in the midst of creating music at the same time.

By all means [dictionary says "with sense of not taking 'no' for an answer"], please look forward to it for me.