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Aesthetics - 5/3/06
translated by Lede


We have finished our triumphant live.
We announced that this year would be full of live shows, and starting this summer, we will be playing monthly live shows.
Monthly live means that we will be playing a live show every month [explaining for the Japanese, as monthly live was written in Katakana]
This will be our first attempt at this.
I don't know what will come flying out every month, but I hope to go and do stimulating live shows.
I will make sure and inform you of the details.

Next, on June 4, at the large German festival called Wave Gotik, we have arranged to have an appearance.
We will be the headliner.
We received the main act position I had wanted, and even while we are waiting for it, we'll be playing live shows in the time we have, so keep a watch out for Moi dix Mois.[?]

And then, this summer will be Moi dix Mois' first live show in America.

[something about this year's Moi dix Mois - can't tell what the kanji is to look it up]