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Moi dix Mois interview
Orkus September 2006
Translated by Lardeen

Moi dix Mois

Talk with Mana and his musicians

Orkus: Today you play as special act at 0.45am at the Wave Gothik Treffen. What impressions do you have of this event?

Mana: It is the first visit of this festival for us. Actually it isn’t usual for us to play at a festival of this dimension. Therefore it is very exciting for us!

K: Of course it is for me something special to be allowed to be a part of this big event, too. It really surprised me that the followers of this kind of music here at the WGT are giving everything for their lifestyle. That is something that I think is really great!

Seth: For us it is the first gig at a festival of this kind, at all. For me the WGT means fun and action at the same time. Besides we have once more the possibility to play for our fans and that makes me very happy!

Sugiya: Yesterday I found some time to go to the hall. Arrived there, I looked a bit around and it attracted my attention that the black audience here is very different. Moreover the age limits aren’t that near together like in Japan. Here it was clearly visible to see how far our culture behind that all is different.

O: Mana, yesterday we were very surprised to see you in the Agra-hall. You even watched out for some stands!

Mana: In Japan there is no Gothic-market in that size. I was very pleasant surprised and impressed by the dimensions of this festival!

O: Were there persons who asked you for photos?

Mana: Yes; general we refuse this question and I didn’t behave different yesterday! That the disappointment wasn’t too big, I gave some autographs and shook occasionally one, two hands.

O: How have you imagined the WGT as you didn’t know what is waiting here for you?

Mana: Actually I had heard of the rumour that here should be one festival which covers the whole city in black. I had my thoughts about that. But as I arrived here the impressions overwhelmed me. Really whole Leipzig was black! There are crowds who are moving on the streets!

O: We feel sorry that it is raining at this Germany visit again!

Moi dix Mois: At the first day the weather was ok. But it changed very fast, what we haven’t expected. Each of us seems to have taken the wrong clothes with theirself for this wet-cold weather. That’s why we were very freezing in the last days.

O: You really have bad luck! Normally we have in that season at least 20°C! Were you able to see something from Leipzig though this weather?

Mana: Yes!

O: And what have you done here, or what expression do you have from this city itself?

Mana: Leipzig has an very big Bach-tradition. Didn’t he even die here? Because I - like you know - estimate this artist a lot, I have visited some of the famous whereabouts. Naturally to these counts the Thomas-church in which Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a bandmaster. Generally the German architecture is fascinating me, therefore I used the change and I get a general idea. But the most time I stay outside to enjoy the silence.

K: I stayed near the mainstation and look a bit around there. When I compare Leipzig and Berlin, which we visit in March, I need to say that Leipzig is a lot calmer. Maybe I just felt that way because of the festival. I like this style and the music very much and had because of that a very pleasant feeling to move around among this people.

Seth: I am not able to say much to this city. I was short with our photographer walking near the hotel, but stayed mostly in my room. The impressions are just not enough that I allow myself a judgement.

Sugiya: Actually I didn’t go often to the city as well. However I was able to see quite a lot out of the car. Impressive for sure is the architecture and the very long history of Leipzig. But what I won’t forget for the rest of my live is this unbelievable amount of black dressed people who came to the festival and waited in crowds at bus- and train stations.

Hayato: Yes, a very amazing city!

O: We have one question for Seth. Your first gig was at one Fanclub-concert and after that it goes for you to Paris and Berlin! Please forgive us that we remind you of that, but were you very nervous before these gigs?

Seth: Of course I was nervous, but also nervousness has its good sites.

O: What do it mean to you, to be a part of Moi dix Mois?

Seth: As vocalist I have the vision to arrange the text and the songs to the listener. Therefore I have as singer certain responsibility bearing on my shoulders. But it is important for me to pass the music Mana composes to the hearts of the fans.

K: I represent the dark site of Moi dix Mois. That isn’t very easy! But I like to reflect that with my position and for that I do my best. For me it is important to show our followers the other site of the coin, too that I am able to present it like that that this facet gets grasped, too.

Sugiya: For me Moi dix Mois is the centre of my life. My aim is it that I can full fill and put Manas expectation not only to 100 percent, instead to 120 percent into action. For that I will give everything.

Hayato: With that band I want to break my limits. I have played in other formations, but in Moi dix Mois there is the chance to break limits and even then go a bit farer. Therefore this band is naturally especially important to me. I take whole me in playing the drums. At the beginning my playing seemed to be aggressive, but I try to put the romantic and elegance of Moi dix Mois in my instrument. The people should hear that it isn’t only wild drumming, instead a lot more. I want that the other components from Moi dix Mois fit together and I want to support them.

O: Mana, are you a strict chief?

Mana: Very difficult question! I think you should ask the others!

K: A lot of people think that Mana is very strict. Actually it isn’t like that. We all know very well what Mana makes for this band possible and what he want to reach with it. We are able to bring our own ideas into the music! We state our own suggestions and when they meet with approval we advance them.

O: What does it mean to you, Mana that you have such a strong team on your site?

Mana: For me is that really the best of all!

O: Mana earns a lot of respect for what he has created. Is there something that you want to learn from him?

K: “Learning” is maybe the wrong word. Sure the arrangements of the songs are very interesting to see; nevertheless the word “learning” is wrong. I like it more to work with him on that. Moreover is his charisma very admirable. Because I am closely connected with Mana, I can certainly transfuse a touch of his magnetism on me and if possible even in this case learn, how you are able to get to this perfection.

Seth: Mana is a perfectionist. He not only imagines something, but terms taken his dreams. That is something that I like to learn from Mana – “to realise my dreams and bring them to life”.

Hayato: Mana has a firm aim in front of his eyes and he every time reaches it. I want to reach my set aim, too and not only reach it, but on that way import different elements and advance for create finally something bigger than first wished. This lesson I learned from Mana.

Sugiya: I respect Mana not only enormous for his style and his ability, but also for showing every time full effort. That is one of his sites which are very valuable and exactly that I want to let to sink in!

O: How did you actually found your members?

Mana: I’ve known K and Seth before they got to Moi dix Mois from other bands. Hayato we have thank Seth and Sugiya got recommended to me from an acquaintance.

O: When was the name Mana for you the first time a notion?

K: As I played in my other band, Mana caught my eyes for the first time in a magazine.

Seth: It was the same with me.

Hayato: I can only agree with that.

Sugiya: At my university I was in a club. In our rooms somebody has played Malice Mizer to me, what I liked a lot! Then I asked who to thank for this sound and a magazine got shown to me in which I saw Mana for the first time.

O: Unfortunately the time is running again! We want to ask you for some last words for our readers!

Mana: I hope that people get to know us better thanks to Wave Gothik Treffen and that they will give us in future their support!

K: For us it is here a very good chance to reach a lot of people. Naturally I wish from this festival a bigger fandom and more helping hands on our way. So we finally can conquer the whole world and attract people in our ban.

Hayato: It would make us very happy when these who read this interview, would be in future with us. It naturally would also be nice to meet you at one of our concerts.

Seth: When the readers haven’t heard our music till yet we want to ask them for opening to us. If you don’t know our show either, you should visit one concert or watch a DVD. It would be nice to win some new fans for realize our vision for the band better.

Sugiya: I am filled with a lot of enthusiasm from everything that is floating here in me and that I want to pass or rather give back to you. It would be a great pleasure for me to meet you at one of our gigs.