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Moi dix Mois JAME interview
Translated by Halvorc

Interview of Mana

Mana-Sama alone, arranged to meet JaME for an interview, a few days before the concert in Paris. We met in a room, with the manager of Midi:Nette, and Jon, the translator. I am the first to pass, other journalists will come later.

After some short introductions, the interview begins :

It's your second tour in Europe, what do you feel, as the concerts get closer ?

Mana : Unlike Japan, there are far more boys there than girls. The "Power" [he said it in english] is so much powerful, and I'm looking forward, with much impatience, to do the concert in France.

How do you feel now that your mini-album Beyond the Gate has just been released, and what do the first reviews you could have had say ?

Mana : If you consider the song deus ex machina, for example, it has been made in a manner far different from the habit said "digital". There have been many surprised reactions but they weren't negative, it was rather a surprise of discovering such a track in the mini-album.

After the intro The other side in blood (SE), Eternally Beyond marks a rather clear break from Nocturnal Opera. Did you want to show an evolution in the musical style of Moi dix Mois ?

[Jon and Mana share some words about the question]

Mana : It is true that Eternally Beyond is the key song for the mini-album, although there is no particular message to transmit through it.

As you told, there is a digital processing on deus ex machina but there are also more aggressive guitars in unmoved and Vain. What are you expecting to do for the musical future of Moi dix Mois ?

Mana : For the future, I'd like to make "heavier" music, like unmoved and Vain, in order to underline the sound of guitars. Then, to make my style vary, I use some digital musics, as with deus ex machina. At the base, I like to harmonize my compositions between classical music and a more aggressive style. There's not a single musical way Moi dix Mois is heading to.

Shadow X comes again with K for the death voice, why is there such a mystery with this person ?

Mana : You have to know Shadow X and K are two really different persons. Then, I won't push him forward, neither will be an official annoucement to introduce Shadow X. The mystery shall remain...

Not even a small picture ?

Mana : [little laugh] Er... it's not planned !

Let's speak about Seth now. There are many mysteries about him, like his birthdate and his blood type, can you tell us some more about Moi dix Mois's new singer ?

Mana : Must I just give the birthdate ?

For example, on the official Moi dix Mois's website, his birthdate is replaced by Xs, we don't know much about him.

Mana : At the beggining, we didn't want to tell anything about him, so everything was done for it on purpose. But now, step by step, we shall give more informations about him.

Concerning Sugiya and Hayato [The two live session embers] can you speak about them ?

Mana : Some of my friends introduced them to me.

Your look on Beyond the Gate is more tough, almost military, what are the reasons that made you take such an evolution in your style ?

Mana : Since the new mini-album is designed to be more violent and aggressive than the previous albums, I had the idea of making a look that fitted better to this style.

Can you describe a bit more the cover of Beyond the Gate where we can see you with the hands nailed on a cross, with hands getting out of the floor, elevating themselves to you ?

Mana : To begin with, it has nothing to deal with christian religion, and it is not in honour of Jesus Christ. It is more like if the album, in its concept, seemed to adapt itself to this cover. The concept of the album is hard for me to explain. You have to clear your mind, to pour out the stereotyped ideas everyone has, into the sea of blood [the one we see in the picture of the album], and to reincarnate, spiritually.

You did a concert for your fan-club Mon†amour at the Liquid Room, on march 11, how was it ?

Mana : Oh... In fact, the concert was for the fan-club, it happened very well, and we were able to organize some surprises on the stage. There was a particular atmosphere made for them, so they could be even more excited and happy of the concert.

Did something particular happen for your birthday ? [the 19 of march]

Mana : Yes, I wanted to celebrate it on stage.

What will be your next releases, about DVDs and CDs ?

Mana : There shall be a new CD this year.

Will it be a full length album or a single ?

Mana : I don't know yet, but it shall be released this year. There's nothing concrete, but I want to do something.

Many fans want to see Moi dix Mois PVs. Is one planned ?

Mana : As soon as possible, and maybe this year, I have the intention of making a PV.

Are you planning to re-make a section where you share your feelings, just like the former version of Moi dix Mois's website, for your international fans, those who can't read Japanese ?

Mana : There's my personal website, with my diary, which is called Monologue Theater in Japanese. I want to update it once, and then it will be possible to read it in English. Step by step, we'll update it all in English.

I heard that you don't like to take the plane, were you afraid this time ?

Mana : [surprised by the question] Yes, plane is the vehicle that scares me the most !

At the 2004 Japan Expo, you told about producing other bands. Did you find artists or bands that would interest you ?

Mana : It's true, however, I've still not found one yet.

Even non-Japanese ?

Mana : Of course, if I like the bands.

Wouldn't you like to have your own castle in France, to make it your second residence ? Let me explain : we could see you, during the Malice Mizer era in a castle, and you took pictures recently, for photobooks, and at each time, you're in a castle [Mini-film/PV Vers Elle, photobook Magnifique, and mini photobook in the limited edition of Europe Tour 2005 ~ Invite to Immorality ~]

[Mana has a little smile]

Mana : If I can, some day, it would be a pleasure !

Thank you very much for your answers.

Mana : "Merci."