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Interview with a Vampire
Animania, May 2005
translated by Geisha

In the context of Moi dix Mois' concert in Munich, we had the opportunity to ask Mana a few questions.

Your work is very multifaceted and apart from writing the music and the lyrics you are also a fashion designer. What are your priorities?
I don't really have any. The music, the lyrics and the fashion are indispensable for me and stand on equal footing.

You are addressing your audience on a musical, visual and intellectual level. What is most important to you?
More important than anything is the sixth sense.

It is always said that art mirrors the Zeitgeist and that only truly great artists really withstand the test of time. What is your view on that?
What I do is lasting and will not be swept away by time. I hope and wish that my "works" will still be listened to and appreciated in the future.

Does the fact that you are Japanese influence your creativity?
I believe that my Japanese origin has been a strong influence on me. In fact, my sense of art and beauty were only developed in this way because I was brought up in Japan.

Do the audience's expectations play a part in the composition of music, the writing of lyrics or the drawing of sketches?
No, not at all. If I'm influenced by anything, then perhaps by my desire for extraordinary phenomena of the kind you see, for example, in vampire or occult movies. Such things have shaped me into the person I am today.

You have had a classical musical upbringing. Is there an era or an artist that has left a lasting impression on you?
I would name baroque music as an influence. And I very much like Johann Sebastian Bach.

Are there bands or artists outside your home country that you like regardless of their musical genre?
Yes, Goblin! When I watched the occult horror movie Suspiria for the first time, I was downright enraptured by the music. Later I discovered that the musical score was by Goblin. I also like Slayer. They haven't changed their style since their debut and I like it when people stick to their personal convictions and follow them through.

You have got your own fashion label, Moi-même-Moitié, and you own a couple of shops in Japan. How are your plans of opening a shop outside Japan coming along?
If I find a partner I will perhaps open a shop in Europe. Attention! Interested business partners, please get in touch!!! (laughs)

One final question: are there any anime, manga, movies or video games you particularly like and would recommend to people in this country?
Yes, definitely. The 26 part anime series Demon-Man Bem, which, admittedly, is a little bit older – from 1968. Or the cooking manga Hochonin Ajihei because I generally like this genre very much. I also like to play the slightly aged video game Crazy Climber. And if I had to limit myself to contemporary movies, I would recommend The Others by Alejandro Amenabar.

Thank you very much for this interview.

Interview by Jens Helge Nave / translation by Geisha (not to be reproduced without permission)