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333music.net Mana Interview - part 3
translated by Lede

Moi dix Mois, Mana Interview [3/3]

At last, tomorrow is drawing near! Moi dix Mois' SHIBUYA-AX one man live. The glamour of a Moi dix Mois with new members, please, without fail, savor the show!! Before that, Mana's thoughts towards the live, react to them and go please!

[The raw force and groove they want to convey at the live]

--This year, it was your birthday in Germany, at the Berlin live. Did you do anything special?
M: That day was a special live. After the live ended, we held a raffle, and the people chosen were invited backstage. One fan acted as a representative, and, alone, came up to the stage, and handed me a present, a highly-priced antique watch. It seems like all the fans took out their money to pay for it.
M: That doesn't happen often in Japan, it's rare. It left a deep impression in me.
--Did they even sing a birthday song for you in the concert hall?
M: They did. Also in the breaks between songs, they abruptly started singing. (laugh)
--That's unusual, too. (laugh)
M: After the Moi dix Mois songs, they all sang it together, like a chorus. I heard at least 6 versions, in different languages.
--Really? Well, here in Japan, it seems there's expectant waiting for your May 2 SHIBUYA-AX one-man live, doesn't it?
M: There's a significance, we've become this new lineup, so the general idea is that it's a new debut. March 11 was the fanclub only live, and since then we've steadily been working on new compositions, so even for them it will be a new announcement. There are various things to consider. I think we can show them a new, an evolved Moi dix Mois. We've gotten a drummer and a bassist, to make 5 people, so there's a type of appeal in that. In spite of that, if the live isn't raw...A raw groove, if the live has that, it'll have that appeal. {?}
--I'm looking forward to it. After that, what are your plans?
M: I'm thinking about a Japan tour. Around the end of summer, I think. If there's an opportunity, I've been getting a lot of inquiries from America, so before long, I'd like to play in America. [something about a one-man live I don't quite get. sorry]
--Energetic, isn't it?
M: Last year, after the vocalist left, we weren't able to do live shows, so we'll try to make up for it this year. This year will be an energetic year.