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Nostal Lab
review by The KillerX

I got the Nostal Lab (special Edition) cd just days ago (ordered from 3rd Stage Japan). I must admit that the first release by Klaha rather caught me by surprise given the different style he has adopted since his Pride of Mind days and Malice Mizer days. Inside the cd package itself was the split face cover with a penned autograph postcard of Klaha and a sticker of Klaha. The following is the impression and review of the following tracks on Nostal Lab.

1. Shinsho Prism (instrumental)

This song is the supposed prelude to track 2. scape with transparent wings. Klaha has used a "music box" to represent the work before going into scape itself (think...music box and an angel (image of scape?) who is apparently stuck in a music box (bonded angel?). A classic prelude to the hit title.

2. scape ~with transparent wings

Everything about this song is great from the slow start of the track to the growing beats of the track... The song gives me the impression that Klaha is trying to give his listeners the impression of breaking out from present
system and live your life u want...

3. Taiyo no ori

Slow soothing number...gives listeners the impression of being in a beach (00:50...bird like sounds and breeze like sounds..). Again ... a probable signification of freedom (free from stress and worries? a paradise?) A very
relaxed song to listen to probably to give the listeners a break from listening to scape (owing to scape's built up ending..fast beats). Another great track....(don't dismiss it for its boring beginning..the chorus is good!)

4. Red Room ~ garasu no hana

This track really caught me by tremendous surprise... A spanish atmosphere (think a bullfighting arena...) However in 00:57, song turns into visual like style and reverts back to the spanish atmosphere again...(trying to experiment with a new style?) Well as for this track.....well lets just say i prefer scape's klaha or kiseki's klaha... but a bold try by the man himself....

5. Penguin

Hmmm... this one sounds really like those ending theme songs of home dramas...A slow pop number but the chorus of the song is nice (klaha proves he can go high pitch in this song) This would probably appeal to commercial listeners...(Also reminds me of a song about raising children....given the slow build up...but as to why it is called penguin..i really dunno?) By the time i listen to this track...i must be thinking...ahh..this album's good never mind if there ain't anymore good tracks(most albums dun have too many nice tracks)...but apparently there is some more heading to my ears.

6. Kanjou Prism (instrumental)

The emotional prism a prelude to the other great number in the track ..kiseki no koe. Set in old record style (if you have listened to malice mizer - voyage sans retour - (forgot the title...one of the song that goes ama detoir...colous sepia...) the record style is something like that...

7. Kiseki no koe

This track is great....my favourite so far~~. It has a sad tone to it... klaha has outdone himself in this one truly.. the tambourine is more than sufficient to replace the traditional drumbeats existant, reminds me of winter atmosphere (think western story book tale about being poor in winter) The orchestra like ending to this song is perfect....a slow build up to the song ...to end with a grand flourish...

8. Shokoreito

This song sounds like one of those songs where its like Gackt singing, I dun really like this track unfortunately, starts slow and begins to get a bit cheesy in the middle. The beats in the song gives the song an overly "pop" like edge to this song...didn't hesitate to press the skip button after hearing it the second time...

9. kameron no seppun

KLAHA performing in a nightclub??? certainly i get this kind of feeling when i first heard this song. Another one of Klaha's bold tries to attempt a different style....this one proves to be more successful than red room. Try listening to the chorus... its brilliantly successful in creating a "nightclubbish" sound. Now....klaha certainly prove his voice can be capable of different styles rather than an opera style....

10. sayonara

As usual...when i see sayonara tracks....i expect a slow song (think gackt and others) But this one is really enjoyable...! The song gives me an impression of thinking back to happy times in the past (probably when
leaving loved ones in those kinda airport or ship situations). The chorus is really really very good ("aita kute...aita kute"...)klaha really put his heart and soul into this song. The chrous really really gave me the
impression of the "persona"'s reluctance to leave. Again...a slow number after a "fast" one (chameleon) to give listeners a break...I pressed the repeat button three times for this song...so what do u think this song

11. Green ~tsutaetai omoi

A ending number kinda song....starting with a flourish. Maybe this song didn't sound as good probably because of sayonara being placed in front of it...but i enjoyed it as well (though it sounded poppish but it didn't came off to be overly cheesy) Reminds me of some 80s song....but not old fashioned...."i keep singing.....singing for you" <--- is this what klaha trying to say to fans in his ending vocal track?

12. Kaihou Prism (instrumental)

An ending instrumental piece...as usual ending instrumental pieces sounds very grand and formal (orchestra like)However in 1:42, the music box like
sound in track 1 comes back again (to end off the music box sound in track 1..and put a fullstop to this album?)

Overall, if i were to rate this album out of 5, i would give it a 4 (probably 3.8 at the first hearing) If you were expecting a Malice Mizer like Klaha...you would probably end up disappointed.. (but hey..when Gackt produced Rebirth...everyone started complaining too..but ended up listening?)Klaha is probably set for greater things in the future given his impressive writing and music talents.... (going major perhaps?)