-moi dix mois-
-eve of destiny-
-schwarz stein-

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fragments of memory ~a piece of broken recollection~

lyrics: Gackt / music: Mana
translated by Kurai

my thoughts descend into an ever deepening spiral of darkness
I fall into the shattered sky
drifting in the cracks of my heart's deep confusion, I search for the words...
and my sins begin once again

from the darkness,
only the blurred shape of two figures arise, smiling at each other
I cannot see the words quickly passing by
that false sky, which I had embraced but for a moment...

the fragments of memory are caught in a rainbow colored blur,
my body quivers in the screaming silence
I sense that something is ending, clutching only my faded memories,
I fall away into that sky

no one can stop me.. I will fall away
for I embraced that false sky, if but for a moment...

like a fading candlelight, I fell into sleep
listening to the sound of an ancient light twinkling

no one knows of my tragic miracles.. my sense of morality starts to obscure
I, who have assumed the guise of a mere human, trace my fingertips along yours..
...these fingertips, which pledged themselves to the rich, deep, black colours

no one can stop you... you will fall away
for you embraced this moment, if but for a moment...