-moi dix mois-
-eve of destiny-
-schwarz stein-

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lyrics: Gackt / music: Mana
translated by Kurai

to escape my deep sadness I invited death unto myself
but that was a dire mistake... though all I wanted was peace...

as I listen to your heartbeat with my hand
I find peace in your sigh, now silent

I said goodbye to the sunlight and was reborn
I cried upon seeing the beauty of the night for the first time
and as I awoke from a deep sleep, you were standing beside me

the lure of eternity, felt but once,
even now, it draws a deep... long... eternal... sweet kiss

this song.. is the song my beloved enjoyed
it has been so long since I heard it
she abandoned me here all alone
once more, let me hear her voice... once more...

"Drink from me and live forever"

to grasp ahold of a world that never ends
all the things you murmur are meaningless