-moi dix mois-
-eve of destiny-
-schwarz stein-

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lyrics: Tetsu / music: Kozi
translated by Kurai

I stare at the pictures strewn upon the floor
not even changed a bit from that time, you smile
while I drown in the flowing, singing voice
even now, I who haven't changed a bit stand still

if the sky wasn't blue, the night wasn't black, or this red throbbing stops
I could forget you...

seraph serenade
where are you going? take me with you, I cant be alone…
I take your welcoming hand...

at this instant the curtain closes on my fate
in the center of the shining radiance, I am thankful for it

the remaining heat in your breast
your figure, dancing with an angel

now, silver wings
across a long nightmare
to me, waiting for you
as I wish, kill me
with your arms that wait for me…

I who embraced our reunion, kill me...