-moi dix mois-
-eve of destiny-
-schwarz stein-

-shop guide-

lyrics: Gackt.C
music: mana
arrangement: MALICE MIZER

Why can't you understand?
Why don't you smell a rat?
Though, it is too noisy around you.

Why don't you speak something?
Why do you keep silent?
Nobody is in their right mind.

Why don't you think further?
Why can't you suggest idea?
Nobody has a difference in appearance...

Have you ever been filled with joy?
Why don't you be moved to tears?
Though, there are beautiful sights around you.

Why are you ****ing?
What's so funny?
It's too funny of you?

Why do you exist?
What are you going to do about it?
I don't know what will become of you.