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Kyomu no nakade no yuugi

lyrics: Mana / music: Mana

Caught between the crevice of delusion and reality
surge    vague    twine    rip    assault    mind
Through the shattered pieces of glass    Countless rays of light are reflected

In my ruined and dissolute mind
I ridicule nihility, I dissipate in solitary
Cold blood flows
My faded mind is slipping through

From yonder of darkness, pierced light awakened the past
Eternity of time is ticking away endlessly, Reminiscence
From yonder of time, the present tied to the past
With pieces of recollection, Reminiscence

From yonder of darkness, the broken pieces of recollection, Reminiscence
Eternity of time is ticking away endlessly, Reminiscence
Light pierced awakened the past, Reminiscence

Why am I here nowhere?
Just stare at the end of the everlasting infinity
Enormous wandering shadows are crumbling
Time passes as your heart mingles with the flowing waters

slimy     hole     bind     detain     insane     sensual
surge     vague     twine     assault     mind

Crumbling forms are closing in towards me
I wish everything would collapse and scatter away

From yonder of darkness, pierced light, Reminiscence
Recollection, Reminiscence