-moi dix mois-
-eve of destiny-
-schwarz stein-

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translated by Kurai

I'm not crazy. Slowly, my sanity...
stop playing dead
you're the ones going crazy
I only gave her a little love

let me hear your voice, smile for me
gently, yes, like always
softly brush my trembling cheeks
gently, yes, like always

if you taste this lukewarm sentiment overspilling from cold lips
like a mirage the fleeting love is further than an eternity…

Holy moment & Silent moment
Shine with Brilliant colors
and I stay up to Brilliant Vacant

Sweet Corpse
I put a weight around this love inside me
...let's sink to the dark bottom.
with this she cant part from me anymore
I will no longer be apart from her

because I stopped your breath with my own hand