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The World I Hope For

lyrics: Klaha / music: Klaha
translated by Gwendel

Enough... Stop searching for
Just one answer already
Let's move on to the next scene.
If you can do that, you will never again lend your ears
To the words being whispered by
The darkness that surrounds you.

Reaching for the truth, is after all,
Ultimately making you confused by
What is just on the surface, so...

Now, lift your face bowed in shame once more,
Let's go see the crimson sky that spreads out in the west
The moment you shake your heart free, all that pain will be erased.

Certainly... you should comfort your lonely feelings with
Proof that you are reaching for tomorrow
Even more than that, I think
The things you threw away by yourself
Can only be picked up by yourself, so...

I expect that tragedies so expectional
That you should mourn over them [the way you do]
Aren't created quite that easily

Yeah, from now on, give me your trembling hand
Let's go paint the azure sky that shines in the east
The moment you forget everything, all that pain will be erased.

The foolishness of the past will be washed away by time
As long as you'll understand for me
That there is always freedom in the future

Now, lift your face bowed in shame once more,
Let's go verify the sparkle of our soul
Before long, your distress is going to be stripped away from you
You can overcome your fate

The future is [determined by] your heart